Publications of Elischer, Sebastian

Large D. ‘South Sudan’. In: Abbink J, Elischer S, Melber H, Mehler A, editors. Africa Yearbook 2015. Leiden: Brill; 2016.

Competitive authoritarianism in Africa revisited

Competitive authoritarianism has emerged as a major concept in the study of political regimes. The introduction of this special issue revisits Levitsky and Way’s seminal study Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes After the Cold War. Although Africa is the world region with the highest absolute number of competitive authoritarian regimes, political scientists working on Africa have rarely engaged with Levitsky and Way’s modern classic. In this introduction, we summarize their arguments, outline the empirical findings for Africa, and review the critiques. In doing so we provide the background for the contributions to this special issue.