Sociology and Social Anthropology

Sociology: culture, sociology and social anthropology; cultural globalization and the culture of globalization; globalization and neoliberal structures; transnational movements and globalization; social theory; theories of nationalism ideology, power and resistance; the construction and uses of ethnicity; social networks; economic sociology; migration; urban studies; regional development
Social Movements: Emergence and development of locally or transnationally situated social movements, the relationship of social movements to civil society
Network Science: is an area where ideas concerning behaviour and evolution of complex networks from natural sciences are applied to social phenomena and vice versa
Academic rank: 
Junior Research Fellow
Center for Policy Studies (CPS)

I am affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Junior Research Fellow in the Integration and International Migration: Pathways and Integration Policies (INTEGRIM). My research topic is on key issues related to Romanians and Turks working nightshifts in London. Since September 2013, I'm also a PhD student at Sociology and Social Anthropology Department, Central European University.

Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group
PhD Student
Junior Research Fellow
Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Kim Jepsen is a Ph.D.-student at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU, from September 2013. He is affiliated with the Center for Policy Studies as a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow in the Initial Training Network on Changing Employment. His research topic is the changing nature of management, work organization and labor relations in the context of western multinational corporations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Faces and Causes of Roma Marginalization in Local Settings: Hungary, Romania, Serbia

A joint initiative of the United Nations Development Programme Bratislava Regional Center, the Roma Initiatives Office and the Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Inclusion program of the Open Society Foundations, and the Central European University/Center for Policy Studies.

Lives of Dignity in Brutal Times: CEU Alumnus Jaap Scholten Launches “Comrade Baron”

Dutch writer Jaap Scholten knows a good story when he hears one. In the early 1990s, when his Hungarian wife’s grandmother began telling him about life before communism, he was entranced. This was the beginning of the road to writing “Comrade Baron: A Journey Through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy,” Scholten’s first work of non-fiction and the first to be published in English, launched May 29 at CEU.

Miért nem ablakon kidobott pénz a segélyezés?

A CEU kutatói szerint a nemzetközi segélyezés Magyarországon még gyermekcipőben jár: nemzetközi összehasonlításban messze elmaradunk a Nyugattól, de regionális összevetésben átlagosak vagyunk. Magyarországról a környező államokba és a harmadik világba egyaránt érkeznek segélyek, de a nemzetközi segélyezés közmegítélése rossz. Holott az nemcsak elköltött forrásokat, hanem befektetést is jelent, amelyet kereskedelmi kapcsolatok is követhetnek – állítja Bartha Attila és Leiszen Márton. (2013.05.13.)

New CEU Research Group Discusses Casteism in South Asia at Launch Event

The South and South East Asian Studies Group (SASEAS) was formed at CEU on May 7 as a multidisciplinary space for sharing research and ideas related to this emerging part of the world, which is playing an increasingly large role in global affairs. The launch event featured a screening of the film, “India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart,” an acclaimed documentary on social discrimination in India.

“Five Years Too Many” Campaign Aims to Free Baha’i Leaders in Iran

In 2008, seven Baha'i leaders were arrested in Iran, and following closed judicial proceedings, they were each sentenced to 20 years in prison on espionage charges. The imprisonment of the Baha'I leaders is part of a wider Iranian government strategy to “make the Baha’i community invisible,” CEU Associate Provost Prem Kumar Rajaram, also an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, said in a talk hosted by the Human Rights Initiative at CEU May 7.

CEU Professor's Online Petition Prompts Academic Conference Gender Equity Policy

More than 40 years after the Women's Liberation Movement, it's still unclear by looking at lists of keynote and plenary speakers at academic conferences that female academics are abundant and extremely accomplished. This gender inequity led CEU Philosophy and Cognitive Science Professor Dan Sperber and his colleague Virginia Valian, psychology professor at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, to start an online petition to encourage balance.

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