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Employment Protection Legislation to Promote Quality of Job Creation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has just published a research brief based on one of the papers authored by Dragos Adascalitei, in which they give some policy recommendations on how to reform labor markets.

Yellow Card to Hungary’s Backsliding PM, EU Trans-boundary Crisis on Hold

Nick Sitter wrote a piece about the October 2 Hungarian referendum on EU migrant qoutas for the TransCrisis blog.

Assessing cross-border cooperation in Hungarian borderlands

Sara Svensson gave talk on the 10th anniversary of the European Union EGTC regulation, adopted in 2006 to promote and make easier cooperation across borders between authorities from different countries.

EMN Report Summarising Recent Trends in Migration

Given the heightened debates over migration in Europe at the present time, the European Migration Network (EMN) conducted analysis into recent trends in migration and asylum to inform current European policy.

Inside the Struggle: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and the European Roma Rights Crisis

CPS researchers, Angela Kocze, Vera Messing and Violetta Zentai were among the experts invited to the 2-day long conference at CEU organzied on December 7-8, 2015.

Hungary's future: anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Roma?

Vera Messing, Research Fellow at CEU CPS and Annabel Tremlett, Senior Lecturer in Social Inclusion at the University of Portsmouth, UK authored the article published on about immigration and multiculturalism in Hungary.

World Employment and Social Outlook: The Changing Nature of Jobs

CPS Junior Research Fellow Dragos Adascalitei contributed to the empirical analysis in Chapter 4 in the International Labour Organization's flagship report for 2015.

Post-crisis transformations in governing Hungary and Turkey: challenging particularist perspectives

CPS Research Fellow Pinar Donmez is presenting her working paper co-authored with Eva Zemnadl at the conference 'Hungarian Particularism in the European Union: Politico-Legal Perspectives'. 

Re-engagement or Rebellion?

A pre-UK elections symposium "Re-engagement or rebellion?" will be hosted by the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies at The University of Nottingham on 29th April.

Why Public Policy at CEU?

A short video featuring the profile of the Department of Public Policy at CEU.

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