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Austrian Minister of Science Meets With Medieval Studies Research Team

Austrian Federal Minister for Science and Research Karlheinz Tochterle met with the research team of the Department of Medieval Studies April 22 to hear about the EuroCORECODE research project “Symbols that Bind and Break Communities. Saints' Cults” Austria is among the five participating countries and its team is led by Gerhard Jaritz, a lecturer at CEU. The project is based at CEU, directed by Professor Gabor Klaniczay and financed by OTKA, the Hungarian Science Research Fund.

CEU Debate Team Reaches Finals in International Tournament, Plans More Competition

CEU Debate Society members Alexandru Moise and Endre Borbath advanced to the finals of an international debate tournament in Split, Croatia ( , last month in a field of 20 teams from eight countries. The Department of Political Science duo, named “The Infallibles,” competed in logic, rhetoric, and argumentation. Their trip was sponsored by the society with the help from the University.

Recycling Efforts Ramp Up

CEU has recently implemented the first stages of a comprehensive plan to expand selective waste collection infrastructure on campus. This action complies with the University’s intention to strengthen commitments to the sustainable development of our campus on a continual basis. The goal is to create a waste management system that makes it easy and convenient for all community members to dispose of waste efficiently. Much of the waste CEU produces on campus each day is recyclable.

Sperber Elected Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dan Sperber, professor in the Departments of Cognitive Science and Philosophy, has been elected an honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the scientific community in Hungary. Honorary membership is awarded to non-Hungarian citizens who advance research on an internationally recognized level “and whose achievement is worthy of the special esteem of Hungarian scientific life.”

CELAB Starts €3.3 Million Project Involving 18 European Research Centers

CEU’s Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine has initiated work on a Seventh Framework Programme project on “neuro-enhancement: responsible research and innovation” (NERRI). The project, which will run for three years and involves 18 research centers across Europe, has a total budget of €3,287,632 . The CELAB research team is chaired by Director Judit Sandor.

OSF Launches ‘Solidarity Now’ to Support Greeks in Crisis

Open Society Foundations, a sister organization of CEU, has launched an initiative called Solidarity Now to support people affected by the economic crisis in Greece. Based on the belief that Europe must reclaim its vision of a community based on unity, Solidarity Now is a collaborative funding initiative, accepting donations small and large from individuals and organizations in Europe and elsewhere.

President and Provost Give Prominent Hungarian Media Interviews

In April, two of the University’s senior leaders gave interviews to mainstream Hungarian media outlets. President and Rector John Shattuck spoke with the third largest news portal in Hungary,, about human rights and the rule of law. Shattuck commented, among other topics, on the debate in the United States about the use of drones, the results of the Arab Spring from a human rights perspective, and the greatest challenges that face democracies today.

Winner Selected for Second Annual European Award for Excellence in Teaching

Philosophy Professor Matthew Braham of University of Bayreuth is the winner of the second annual European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The award, initiated by CEU Chief Operating Officer Liviu Matei and overseen by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning aims to promote excellence in teaching across the European Higher Education Area.

Center for Network Science Fellow Wins World Society Foundation Award of Excellence

Carl Nordlund, a member of the Political Economy Research Group and a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Network Science, won the World Society Foundation Award of Excellence 2013, a biannual award given to papers on world society research. The award was presented at the "Structure of the World Political Economy" conference held this month at the University of California-Riverside, co-hosted by the World Society Foundation and the Political Economy of the World-System section of the American Sociological Association.

PhD Student’s Socio-Economics Conference Paper Named Outstanding Submission

A paper submitted by doctoral student Imre Gergely Szabo to the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics was selected to receive the Awards Committee Prize for its outstanding scholarship at the society’s annual conference, June 27-29. The prize, for the paper titled "Labour Politics in a Weak Institutional Environment: Structural Power and Strategic Alliances of Healthcare and Education Employees in East Central Europe," is to be presented at the conference’s gala soirée. Szabo is a second-year PhD student in political science with a concentration in political economy.