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Thaler Investigates Growing Importance of the European Council in Energy

A member of the CEU's Energy Policy Research Group Dr Philipp Thaler published his recent article “The European Commission and the European Council: Coordinated Agenda setting in European energy policy” in the Journal of European integration. In the publication he investigates the effects of a growing importance of the European Council for policy integration – a trend that has been experienced in various fields in the post-Maastricht era – in the specific context of EU energy policy.

Pakalkaite Presents Energy Research Papers at ECPR Conference on Regulatory Governance

Vija Pakalkaite, who began her doctoral studies at CEU in 2012, received funding from the School of Public Policy Travel and Research Grant Fund to attend the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Conference on Regulatory Governance in Tilburg, the Netherlands in July.

Assembling the Post-Liberal Order in Central and Eastern Europe (1920-1956)

On June 26/27 2015, Pasts Inc. in collaboration with CEU’s History Department organized the workshop Assembling the Post-Liberal Order in Central and Eastern Europe. Labour, Welfare and the Governing of Economic Life during and after the Great Depression (1929-1956). The workshop featured seven participants from five countries, and a keynote lecture delivered by a senior historian - Dr. Katherine Lebow of the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies.

PERG lecture 25/3: Global Exits from EU's Joint Decision Traps by - Zdenek Kudrna

The Political Economy Research Group (PERG) cordially invite you to a lecture  


Global Exits from EU's Joint Decision Traps



presented by


Zdenek Kudrna


(Assistant Professor, University of Vienna)


PERG seminar Tuesday 24/3: presentations by Evelyne and Bastian

Next week at PERG research seminar

Nador 9, Faculty Tower #208, 11.00-12.40


"Fiscal Consolidation Under Electoral Risk"

Next PERG seminar 10/3: MA thesis draft presentation by Akos Mate and Patrik Korda

Tuesday 10/3, 11.00-12.40, Zrinyi utca 14, #411 we will continue presentation of MA thesis drafts. Next week the following MA students will present their work:

AKOS MATE (MA student, Dept. of International Relations):  "Soft solutions for hard problems - Social policy in Eastern Europe"

Discussant: Imre Szabo (PhD Candidate, Political Economy)

PERG guest lecture summary, by Political Science MA student Veronika Vighova

"Goodbye to the Welfare State? The Social Policy of the Orbán Government in Hungary between 2010 and 2014."

EPRG alumna Jessica Jewell: EU energy security is only as strong as its weakest link

An EPRG alumna Jessica Jewell (PhD EnvSci 2013, currently with IIASA, Austria) has written on the connection between energy security and climate change in The Conversation. Jessica argues that the most effective way to reduce Europe's greenhouse gas emissions is targeting largest emitters such as Germany, Spain or the UK whereas the most important way to increase European energy security is to target small and vulnerable economies in Eastern Europe.