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Ethnic Differences in Education Shown to Reinforce Inequalities


Despite policies of inclusion, compulsory education for all, and attempts at establishing multiculturalist arrangements in schools across Europe, minority ethnic students face segregation and discrimination that reinforce, perpetuate, and often even deepen their socio-economic disadvantages. This is the overall conclusion of a comparative research project conducted in nine European countries led by Associate Professor Julia Szalai, a sociologist and recognized expert on Roma and minority rights.

What Makes a Creative Team Successful?

This is a key question in today’s economy, where collaboration in teams is increasingly important in many fields, from academia to business to the arts. A three-person CEU research team sought the answer through a study focused on a relatively new and very creative industry – video game development.

Dogs Respond to Human Communication Similarly to Human Babies

Erno Teglas, a research fellow in CEU’s Cognitive Development Center, has conducted research demonstrating that dogs follow human communication signals in a similar way to human infants. The resulting paper, written in collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Eotvos Lorand University, appeared in the Jan. 5, 2012, issue of the scientific journal Current Biology.

In the experiment, two types of videos were presented.

Diana Urge-Vorsatz Contributes to Key UN Climate Report

Diana Urge-Vorsatz, professor in CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, was a contributing author of the United Nations Environment Program’s comprehensive new study on climate change. The study concluded that it is technologically and economically feasible to cut emissions by 2020 to a level that would cap the 21st-century global temperature increase at 2 degrees Celsius.

Kristina Irion Helps Develop Tool to Assess Regulator Independence

Kristina Irion and research partners within CEU’s Center for Media and Communications Studies have completed a European Commission project that produced a model for gauging the independence of media regulators.

Andrea Peto Delivers Keynote at Women and Holocaust Conference

Andrea Peto, associate professor in CEU’s Department of Gender Studies, delivered the keynote address at the “Women and the Holocaust: New Perspectives and Challenges” conference in Warsaw Nov.17-19.