EMN Report Summarising Recent Trends in Migration

Given the heightened debates over migration in Europe at the present time, the European Migration Network (EMN) conducted analysis into recent trends in migration and asylum to inform current European policy.

Visiting Scholars in Mundus MAPP

The Mundus MAPP Consortium is inviting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year from outstanding scholars who are interested in contributing to the study program and strengthening academic partnerships with the Consortium institutions.

Forced Migration: Old Phenomenon, New Challenges

This year the MiReKoc (Migration Research Center at Koc University) Summer School, co-branded with the International Metropolis Network, will explore the theme of forced migration, the courses will take place in Istanbul between July 11-21, 2016.

"The European Union’s constitutional challenges after the euro crisis" Guest lecture by Danuta Hübner, European Parliament

The Eurocrisis and, even more recently, the migration crisis have contributed to instability, financial hardship and Euroskepticism within the EU. However, Danuta Hubner, member of the European Parliament and chair of the EU Committee on Constitutional Affairs, says it could be worse while emphasizing that extraordinary work must be done to keep the situation from getting worse. Hubner presented her lecture “The European Union’s Constitutional Challenges After the Euro Crisis” on March 17.

Labour intra-EU migrations: mobility models, practices and trajectories of EU citizens

This special issue of Mondi Migranti (3/2016) seeks to investigate the reconfiguration of those labour migrations of EU citizens that take place within the EU space.