CPS Research Fellow publishes on health policy in border regions

An article by Sara Svensson, Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies, has been published in the journal Territory, Politics, Governance, a peer-reviewed journal of the Regional Studies Association.

Menstruation and Health. Teaser campaign III

Teaser campaign III

Menstruation and Health

As any other biological process, menstruation has implications on health of those who experience it. These implications can be positive or negative. In this regard, it is important to know and understand what menstruation is, how it functions and what are the causes and consequences of irregularities that might occur.

Menstruation is a cycle

THE ACTIVIST| Open call for articles


Open call for articles


Human Trafficking and Online Networks: Policy, Analysis, and Ignorance

An article co-autherd by CPS Research Affiliate Kiril Sharapov has been published in Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography.

Postgraduate Summer Institute on Program Evaluation

The Summer Institute offers two parallel sub-courses on policy evaluation for graduate and advanced undergraduate students as well as practitioners such as government officials and professionals in non-governmental organizations.