Migration Regimes, Global Capitalism and Repression

CPS Research Fellow, Celine Cantat, will be one of the speakers of the event 'Migration Regimes, Global Capitalism and Repression' on December 5th, organized by the Karl Polanyi Center for Global Social Studies.

Employment Protection Legislation to Promote Quality of Job Creation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has just published a research brief based on one of the papers authored by Dragos Adascalitei, in which they give some policy recommendations on how to reform labor markets.

Science Po study visit at CPS

Forty Masters students in Urban and Regional Policies and Strategies visited the Center for Policy Studies as part of their final year policy and practice trip.

PERG student co-chair Akos Mate published a book review.

PERG student co-chair Akos Mate published a book review

"Inequalities During and After Transition in Central and Eastern Europe"

in Europe-Asia Studies.

Access it here.




New research by Profs Kemmerling and Bodenstein, congratulations!

Thilo Bodenstein and Achim Kemmerling published new research in the Development Policy Review. Access it here.


The European Union as a Collective Actor: Aid and Trade in African Public Opinion