Essays on Berkeley : a tercentennial celebration

TitleEssays on Berkeley : a tercentennial celebration
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsRobinson, H., and J. Foster
PublisherClarendon Press ; Oxford University Press
Place of PublicationOxford New York

Jefferson or Adams Bldg General or Area Studies Reading Rms B1348; .E73 1985; edited by John Foster and Howard Robinson. 23 cm. Imagination, experience, and possibility / Christopher Peacocke -- Berkeley's central argument against material substance / A.D. Smith -- Berkeley's master stroke / Ernest Sosa -- Berkeley on the physical world / John Foster -- Idealism, Kant and Berkeley / R.C.S. Walker -- Berkeley and the essences of the corpuscularians / Margaret D. Wilson -- Berkeley's philosophy of science / W.H. Newton-Smith -- The general form of the argument for Berkeleian idealism / Howard Robinson -- The self in Berkeley's philosophy / A.C. Lloyd -- Action and inaction in Berkeley / C.C.W. Taylor -- Berkeley on beauty / J.O. Urmson -- God-appointed Berkeley and the general good / Stephen R.L. Clark.

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