On Eudemus Fr. 150 (Wehrli)

TitleOn Eudemus Fr. 150 (Wehrli)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsBetegh, G.
EditorsBodnár, I., and William W. Fortenbaugh
Book TitleEudemus of Rhodes
Pages337 - 357
PublisherTransaction Publishers
Place of PublicationNew Brunswick; London
SeriesRutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities

2002. %~ Phil


Fr. 150 of Eudemus Rhodes, preserved in the De principiis of the 6th c. Neoplatonist philosopher Damascius, is our main source on early theogonical narratives. The analysis of Damascius's method shows that Eudemus' work contained probably more theogonies and certainly more generations from the individual theogonies than what we have in the fragment. A survey of the Aristotelian references to the 'theologians' proves that, pace Wehrli, Eudemus's text was not a digression in a systematic work intended to review endoxa on a particular theoretical question: it was more probably a synoptical collection of the genealogical narratives of the 'theologians.'

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