Reshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives

TitleReshaping Globalization: Multilateral Dialogues and New Policy Initiatives
Publication TypeBook
EditorKrizsan, Andrea, and Violetta Zentai
PublisherCentral European University Press
Place of PublicationBudapest
SeriesCPS Books
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'Globalization' has become one of the most normatively charged and politically contested concepts in day to day usage across the range of the contemporary policy process. Based on the proceedings of the international conference organized at the Central European University in the Fall of 2001, the volume's aim is to bring together a range of scholars, international policy makers (from both the public and private domains) and significant players from within civil society to look at how a constructive dialogue about globalization might be developed. The volume intends to contribute to the process that fosters reasoned policy dialogues based on methods of inquiry, deliberation, and assessment that are global, systemic, and inclusive in nature. To this end, the chapters of the volume critically examine some major white papers, reports, policy proposals that have been recently developed by international and national governmental agencies or by professional, civic or individual endeavors and elements of the institutional setting that are crucial from the point of view of globalization today.

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Center for Policy Studies (CPS)