Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies: Final WHY Report

TitleQuality in Gender+ Equality Policies: Final WHY Report
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsVerloo, Mieke, and Sylvia Walby
InstitutionInstitut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen
Place of PublicationVienna
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QUING has set out to contribute to a better understanding of gender+ equality policies, and to bring
forward further developments that could improve the quality of these policies. In order to do this,
QUING’s objectives range from contributions that centre on conceptualizations of crucial elements of
gender+ equality policies, notably on intersectionality and the form of civil society engagement, to
contributions that focus on systematically gathering and analysing the current content of gender+
equality policies, including the standing and voice of civil society, and the relationship between
gender+ equality policies at Member State level and on the level of the European Union. Together
these contributions also deliver new or improved concepts and typologies. Finally, the results of the
empirical research are woven into applicable gender+ expertise in the form of standards for gender+

Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
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