Quality in Gender+ Equality Policies: Final STRIQ Report

TitleQuality in Gender+ Equality Policies: Final STRIQ Report
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsVerloo, Mieke, Sylvia Walby, Jo Armstrong, and Sofia Strid
InstitutionInstitut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen
Place of PublicationVienna
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This Deliverable presents the final STRIQ report of the QUING project. It brings together the
conceptual work (Deliverable no. 13, Deliverable no. 14, and Deliverable no. 42), reflections
on the empirical work that led to the 30 STRIQ reports (Deliverable no. 35: Series of reports
analysing intersectionality in gender equality policies for each country and the EU), and
recommendations. STRIQ is the activity in the QUING project that studies how the
intersection of multiple inequalities is addressed in gender+ equality policies across the
European Union and its Member States, including the study of occurrences of intersectional
bias. The specific aims of the STRIQ activity are (Objective 1 of the QUING project) to
‘conceptualize the relationships between different inequalities, especially between gender,
race/ ethnicity, religion, class and sexuality’, and (Objective 5) to ‘assess the content and
quality of gender+ equality policies in the EU’s multicultural context’.

Center for Policy Studies (CPS)
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