PETAF: The European Philosophy Network on Perspectival Thoughts and Facts

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PETAF:  The European Philosophy Network on Perspectival Thoughts and Facts

Perspectival Thoughts and Facts

The FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network PETAF is the first research and training network exclusively in philosophy ever to be financed by the European Commission. It aims to serve as a European research and training platform for joint philosophical research on perspectival thought, its linguistic expression and its consequences for our conception of objective, mind-independent reality. PETAF’s research programme, which runs for four years, addresses both general issues in metaphysics and in logic and semantics and specific issues in more specialised areas in which perspective-bound cognition plays a pivotal role, i.e. the philosophy of space and time, the philosophy of alethic and epistemic modality, the philosophy of subjectivity and consciousness, and the philosophy of norms and value.

7th Framework Programme (FP7)

Academic Partners

Universitat de Barcelona

University of St. Andrews

Université de Genève

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

University of London

Stockholms Universitet

Central European University

University of Aberdeen

Industrial Partners 

Thera, Centre de Llenguatges i Computació, S.L.

Difusión, Centro de Investigacion y Publicación de Idiomas, S.L.

Prover Technology AB



Principal Researcher: 
Katalin Farkas
Mike Griffin
Hanoch Ben-Yami
Ferenc Huoranszki
Howard Robinson
Gábor Betegh
Nenad Petkovic
Project Administrator: 
Noemi Anna Kovacs