CEU’s Medieval Studies Department Celebrates 20 Years

University Professor Gabor Klaniczay greets attendees at the Department of Medieval Studies 20th anniversary celebration.

CEU's Department of Medieval Studies celebrated its 20th anniversary June 15-16 with a series of academic and social events, including lectures, roundtable discussions, contests, field trips and more. The "20 Years of Medieval Studies at CEU" celebration drew more than 100 alumni, faculty and students.

Events included: 

  • Research poster presentation: More than two dozen posters of alumni research projects were displayed in the Octagon and voted on by the department community. Winners will be announced soon. See the full list here
  • Roundtables:  These discussions focused on "New Challenges to Medieval Studies" and concerned with topics such as saints' cults, images and texts, and Caucasian studies. 
  • Book exhibition: More than 80 books and other publications written or edited by department alumni were featured in an exhibit hosted by the CEU Library. See the full list here
  • Field trips: Participants visited the Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian National Museum and the National Széchényi Library. These excursions to the "Hidden Treasures of Budapest" were made possible by department alumni who work at these institutions. 
  • Two-voice lecture: Concluding the June 14 discussion series was a two-voice public lecture by Patrick Geary (Princeton, Institute for Advanced Study) and Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna) on the Latin and Greek Middle Ages. 
  • Installation: Open Society Archives displayed a renewed version of their 2005 "Contagious Middle Ages" exhibit, detailing how the Middle Ages are used (and abused) in various national narratives in central and Eastern Europe. 
  • See the full program here