Classical Syriac II

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13 Jan 2014 - 4 Apr 2014
István Perczel

This course intends to deepen previously acquired skills in Classical Syriac reading, composition and speaking. It will consist of two modules: 1. a course of practice and grammar for continuing beginners and 2. a course of practice and grammar for advanced students needing a deepening of their grammatical skills.

The methodologies of learning modern and classical languages differ in the sense that in the case of modern languages one strives to acquire an active knowledge allowing to conduct conversations and correspondence as well as writing composition, while in the case of classical languages one is satisfied with the passive capability of reading and understanding texts. However, a number of classical languages, such as Hebrew, Classical Arabic and Sanskrit, are also living languages being actively used. To this group belongs also Syriac. Accordingly, the teaching/learning method will be a blend of the classical European grammar-based approach and of the methodology followed in the transmission of the language in the communities themselves.  The emphasis will be on an active acquisition of the language.