Maria Kronfeldner

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Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Human Project
Zrinyi u. 14
401; Office Hours: Tuesday: 11.50-13.30; 17.10-17.30; Wednesday: 13.30-15.30; Please contact me for an appointment! (Email: kronfeldnerm - at -
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+36 1 327 3000 x2635
PhD 2007, Philosophy, University of Regensburg
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Area of specialisation: philosophy of the life sciences.

Area of competence: history of the life sciences, philosophy of the social sciences, general philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophy of mind.

Research focus: anthropology, biomedical sciences, evolutionary biology. 

Profile: Maria Kronfeldner has published widely in her research fields, and has been awarded for some of her publications (The Karl Popper Essay Prize of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science; The Philosophical Quarterly International Essay Prize). From 2010-2014 she was Junior Professor at Bielefeld University. Earlier she held several fellowships, among them at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin; at the Fishbein Center for History of Science and Medicine of the University of Chicago; at the Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh; and at the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science of the University of Sydney. She earned her PhD at the University of Regensburg in 2007.

During her graduate time, she focused on philosophy of mind, pragmatism, and environmental ethics. Combining her interest in philosophy of mind with her artistic activities (theatre, video, photography), she started to do research on philosophy of creativity. Since novelty is not only occurring in human minds, but also in nature, her research on the concept of creativity led her to the history and philosophy of the life sciences (HPLS). She has analysed Darwinian approaches to creativity and cultural evolution as well as the history of the concept of culture and cultural inheritance.

Currently, her main project is a book on the concept of human nature with the working title: Divide and Conquer - Human nature between science, philosophy and politics. The book aims to bring together several branches of her research on issues such as essentialism, causation, explanation, normalcy, reductionism, complexity, integration and unity of sciences, as well as science and values.

Service for the community: She is currently council member of the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB), has initiated and directed the German Network for Philosophy of the Life Sciences from 2011-2014 and is CEU-embassador for the Society for Women in Philosophy Germany e.V. 

At the CEU she is part of the Science Studies Program, directs the Philosophy Research and Publish Lab (to be launched in Fall 2015), and is involved in creating a future for the Human Project.

Selected recent draft papers and talks:

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For further information, see also her webpage at her previous academic home, Bielefeld University. The information on that site will gradually be transformed to CEU.

Department of Philosophy
Human Project
Academic/research topics: 
human nature
Human Genetics
Unity of Science
art and culture


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Journal Article
Journal Editor
Kronfeldner, Maria, and Staffan Müller-Wille. Causation and Disease In History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences. Vol. 33. Napoli: Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn', 2011.