MA Thesis Seminar II 2015

Course Status: 
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Academic year: 
Start and end dates: 
6 Jan 2014 - 28 Mar 2014
Marianne Sághy
István Perczel
Learning Outcomes: 
Oral presentation skills - assessment: presentation of the student’s chapter. Research oriented skills - assessment: the outline or chapter and its common discussion.
Assessment : 
Pass/fail, for a passing grade students should fulfill all requirements.

During the semester, each student prepares a presentation covering the main chapter of his or her thesis; the text of the chapter is saved on the course’s e-learning site. This is not the introduction, conclusion, source introduction, or literature review, but the "meat" of the thesis. Each student must make sure that his/her supervisor receives a copy of the chapter in time to read it and return comments and suggestions.

Each student serves as an opponent for one presentation. The opponent is expected to read the chapter and to deliver a critique focusing on the structure and content of the argument; formatting suggestions are also welcome but they should not be the main focus of the discussion. Every student attending the seminar is expected to read the chapter (on the e-learning site) and make comments during the discussion. Attendance is both collegial and required.

In April and May, the seminar transforms into small Thesis Writing Workshops.