MESPOM-professor Gaganis receives Best Paper Award!

Professor Petros Gaganis

MESPOM-professor Gaganis receives Best Paper Award!

Assistant professor to the University of the Aegean and Academic Board Member and teacher at MESPOM Petros Gaganis has been awarded the 2013 Best Paper Award by the Journal Mathematical Geosciences.

Together with his colleague Phaedon Kyriakidis, he received the award for his paper "Efficient Simulation of (Log)Normal Random Fields for Hydrogeological Application" published in Mathematical Geosciences, 45 (5).

The study presented in the paper addresses the problem of how to efficiently sample the space of uncertainty of a random function. Efficient sampling of uncorrelated random variables has been analyzed for a long time, but the problem of how to deal with correlated random variables is more demanding. Two such methods are proposed and demonstrated in the generation of unconditional realizations of hydraulic conductivities in a hydrogeological context, and shown to be more efficient than standard random sampling. The synthetic case study involves physically-based simulations and stochastic analysis of flow and transport in a heterogeneous porous medium.

Each year the journal's Editorial Board and Editorial Team compliment the most exceptional paper out of their 48 published ones. 

Congratulations, Petros Gaganis!

The paper is to be found here.