EU refugee quotas: CEU research in the spotlight again

Kahanec @RTVS

EC' proposal to distribute refugee quotas to member states has spurred a heated debate. Economic arguments are used and often abused against such policy, and immigration in general.

Evidence-based policy making should, however, stick with empirically establihed facts. 

Martin Kahanec (Public Policy) argues mobility is good for the European economy and immigrants are an asset in the labor market.

The research he has contributed to rebukes three myths about the impacts and causes of international migration:

Myth 1: Immigrants take our jobs and lower our wages.

Myth 2: Immigrants abuse the welfare state

Myth 3: Immigrants "shop" for welfare benefits

The media report now on soem of this research, helping to balance and inform this sensitive discussion. Covered by BBC, Handeslblatt, the Guardian and others, recent media coverage includes:

Czech Radio: Starts circa 13:10 [in Slovak/Czech]

Slovak Radio and Television:  Starts circa 20:10 [in Slovak]

Invited Op-Ed in Dennik N:

Key contributions are: