Global Map of Menstrual Taboos. Teaser Campaign V

 Global Map of Menstrual Taboos. Teaser Campaign V

           Teaser Campaign V

           Global Map of Menstrual Taboos

We have created a global map with menstrual taboos. The taboos have been collected with the help of members of the CEU community within our call to create this map. Contributors shared experiences and taboos from their own countries and cultures.  

A menstrual taboo refers to a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting people who menstruate from practicing a particular action, forbidding association with a person who experience menstruation, or forbidding that person to visit certain places and touch certain things.

Due to the existence of taboos, talking about menstruation may often represent a challenge and a difficult task for those who experience menstruation monthly.

The aim of this activity is to get to know the menstrual taboos coming from different countries and to try to challenge their veracity regardless of their “country/culture of origin”. Menstrual taboos are not facts about menstruation and they should not be treated as such. 

The creation of this map was inspired from the 28 May Menstrual Hygiene Day Campaign, 2015