Roma Rights Journal 1/2016: Roma and Conflict

The Call for Paper is out for the next issue of the Roma Rights Journal dedicated to the topic of conflict, submissions of a 500-word abstract proposing a paper on the theme are welcomed no later than June 5, 2016.

The modern world has been shaped and re-shaped by conflict. Its internal and external borders tell stories of war, conflict and unrest that have had huge impacts on populations. The impact of these conflicts on minority populations, particularly those which are already marginalised, deserves special attention.

The assertion that Roma have never started a war is one which is often repeated on special occasions or anniversaries. It is a statement which is instilled with pride, but also tinged with other emotions. Those who make this assertion know that even if Roma have not started wars, Romani communities have been deeply and tragically affected by conflict. They also know that recognition of the impact of conflict is not always forthcoming.

Call for paper (Download)