Deadline Extension for Leadership, Team and Conflict Management Workshop

The Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) is happy to announce the deadline extention for the application period for a one–day intensive workshop on Leadership, Team and Conflict Management at CEU on Saturday, June 11th10 am – 6 pm.
This workshop is part of HRSI’s Capacity Building Program, aimed at providing students with practical skills needed to work in the not–for–profit sector. The goals of this Leadership, Team and Conflict Management workshop are:
  • To equip course participants with tools and knowledge which enable them to develop leadership skills 
  •           To provide an understanding of how to manage conflicts and change as part of leader responsibilities 
  •      To allow participants to understand the basics of work of an NGO through developing teams, building trust, effective communication and problem-solving
Why to come?
If you choose to participate in this 1 day training you will get a firm understanding of how to manage conflicts on daily basis, how to become a responsible leader and how to manage team work within an NGO. The workshop will also focus on how to establish the appropriate internal communication culture which is vital for the work of an NGO, where the roles/relationships between team members is often different from what prevails in the wider social setting. Finally, you will also learn about practical tools as well as some theoretical underpinnings of the relevant areas for developing teams, building trust, effective communication and problem-solving.
The workshop will be facilitated by Agnes Enyedi.
Agnes is an independent training consultant and has been working in teacher education in Hungary and internationally. Based at the Eötvös University, Budapest (ELTE) for over 25 years, she has brought her experience of working with educators to Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Her professional interest lies in mentoring, Continuous Professional Development, professional burnout and developing professional associations. Agnes holds an MA in ELTE, has been working with university students at BA and MA level, training mentors and trainers. She is a certified Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer and a trained mediator.
CEU Students, junior Staff, CEU alumni, staff from Budapest–based NGOs, students from other universities, etc.
Application Process:
Applicants should fill in the attached Application Form and return it to before the deadline.
Selected applicants will be notified via e–mail a few days after the deadline.
Applications should be sent to HRSI no later than Tuesday, June 7th, midnight.
Please, remember that we have a very limited number of places available so make sure you send us your application on time.
The workshop is free of charge.
Please note that all participants will be rewarded a Certificate of completion.
For further details about the workshop, do not hesitate to contact us at
Wishing you a great day, we look forward to receiving your applications!