Lecture Recital by Mihály Borbély Polygon

February 22, 2018 - 18:00 - 20:10
Oktober 6. u. 7
Oktober Hall
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Open to the Public
Mihály Borbély
Miklós Lukács
András Dés
Center for Arts and Culture (CAC)
Lecture Recital by Mihály Borbély Polygon

MIHÁLY BORBÉLY POLYGON – with Miklós Lukács & András Dés
Mihály Borbély’s newest formation is equally talented in the folk, world, jazz and contemporary music genres. Borbély’s artistry has been recognized by Hungary’s Artisjus, eMeRTON, Knights Cross, Gábor Szabó and Liszt awards, and together with Vujicsics Ensemble, the Kossuth Prize. Cymbalom player Miklós Lukács’s extraordinary diversity and András Dés’s unique percussion have proved to be ideal partners for developing the trio’s special sound. Last fall, their guest, the world-famous Bulgarian kaval player, Theodosii Spassov played a part in the recording of their concert („Polygon“ 2016 – Fonó).
As demanding as chamber music, their improvised music is at times melancholy and thought-provoking, other times it vibrates and rolls with sweeping momentum. Engaging a variety of directions in jazz, characteristics from the folk music heritage of the Carpathian Basin and Balkans, and elements of contemporary music, it can be delicately transluscent or full of powerful rhythms. The unusual group of instruments makes an exceptionally varied and rich, while at the same time unified world of music.

This lecture recital is part of HerMeS (Heritage, Memory and Sounds) series, organized jointly by the Cultural Heritage Studies Program and the Center for Arts and Culture at CEU, to offer its audience a combination of talks and concerts, allowing for a travel on the borderlands of performative arts and academic lectures, and at the same time, for the nurture and renewal of cultural heritage.

Mihály Borbély – saxophone, tárogató, clarinet, bass clarinet, fujara and talk
Miklos Lukacs – cimbalom
András Dés – percussion

Admission is free!