Intercultural Communication Workshop

November 17, 2018 - 10:00 - 17:00
Nador u. 15
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Open to the Public
Human RightS Initiative (HRSI)
Intercultural Communication Workshop

Human RightS Initiative is pleased to invite you to our Basics of Intercultural Communication workshop.

This is a one-day long workshop which aims to provide participants with practical skills needed to operate better while encountering and working together with people from various cultural backgrounds. The workshop is recommended to those who have no or relatively little experience in intercultural communication. 

Goals of the training

  • Getting a good understanding of the key theories and concepts in the intercultural field
  • Being able to define how our own perceptions and cultural values influence attitude and behavior
  • Being aware of how culture forms an integral part of international communication
  • Being able to identify communication difficulties due to cultural differences
  • Having enhanced skills in intercultural communication


Why you should come
One often meets and works together with people from various cultural backgrounds and in such situations we can often find ourselves misunderstanding or judging the other for behaviors that are not familiar to us. This is because the development of our personality is influenced by various factors, including the culture in which we grow up, in which we live. Patterns of thinking and behavior are programmed into our nervous system in our childhood, similarly to a computer program. This mental programming can create a psychological barrier later in our lives, when we get in touch with people from other cultures. This one-day workshop intends to bring together people with different cultural backgrounds in order to share intercultural examples and stories, to offer a short insight into theories of cultural dimensions and to enhance intercultural communication skills through games, role plays and simulations. We encourage participants to bring their own stories, examples, experiences in order to have a truly interactive and informative workshop in an open, tolerant and curious ambience.

If you would like to participate register by Monday, 5th November, midnight . A selection process will take place and you will be informed of its results by Wednesday, 7th of November.

About the trainers

Ilona Branagan has several years of professional  experience in managing educational and adult learning projects and programs at CEU and at the Global Learning Center of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Ilona holds an MA degree in International Relations and European Studies from CEU, and a BA in Law and History from the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. She is fluent in English, Hungarian, Romania and French. Working in an intercultural environment for for most of her career she was determined to learn more about intercultural communication and she took part in various trainings programs at home and abroad to become a trainer in intercultural communication.

Maja Skalar has worked, studied and volunteered in Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark and Ghana over the past 14 years – half of them at CEU. Her formal educational background is in political science and human rights, which she complemented both with participating in and organizing international trainings and conferences on human rights education, intercultural communication, etc. Currently she is coordinating two international higher education support programs at CEU, which inspires her daily to further study and enhance intercultural communication in practice.

We hope to count on your participation!