Faculty Affiliated with Ottoman and Turkish Studies at CEU

Aziz al-Azmeh (Medieval Studies)—early Islamic History

Nadia al-Bagdadi (History)—late Ottoman and modern Middle Eastern History

Ferenc Csirkes (Medieval Studies, Lecturer)--the Safavid Empire; Ottoman and Persian literature

Tolga Esmer (History)—the Ottoman Empire and Balkans in the 18th and 19th centuries; modern Middle Eastern History

Niels Gaul (Medieval Studies)—late Byzantine History

Constantin Iordachi (History)—modern Balkan History

Tijana Krstić (Medieval Studies)—early modern Ottoman and Mediterranean History

 József Laszlovszky (Medieval Studies)—material culture and archaeology of Central Europe and Ottoman Hungary

Michael Miller (Nationalism Studies)—Modern Jewish and Central European History

Balázs Trencsényi (History)—Intellectual History of Central and Southeastern Europe; Nationalism

Carsten Wilke (Medieval Studies & History)—medieval and early modern Jewish History

Selim Deringil (Nationalism Studies, Visiting Professor)—late Ottoman History

Roumen Daskalov (History, Visiting Professor)—modern Balkan History