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Harvard University - Ph.D., History of Science, June 1999
Moscow State University - Postgraduate exchange student, physics department, 1989–1990
Stanford University - B.S., Physics, 1989; B.A., History, with honors, 1989
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Visiting research fellow, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin, 2006-2007.
Ragnar Holm Plaque for best dissertation in history of physics, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, April 2004.
Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin, 1999-2000.
Dibner Institute Graduate Fellowship, 1995–1996.
Graduate Society Fellowship, Harvard University, Spring 1995.
Graduate fellowship, International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), Moscow, 1993–1994.
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1990–1993.
Merle Fainsod Prize Fellowship, Russian Research Center, 1990.
U.S./U.S.S.R. Exchange Scholarship, Institute for International Education (New York City), 1989–1990.

Academic/research topics: 
History of science
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Book Chapter
Hall, K.. "'Racial traits are rooted deeper in the nature of the human organism': The elusive race concept in imperial Russia." In 'The Concept of Russia': Toward a Historical Semantics of the Imperial Period, edited by Denis Sdvizkov, Ingrid Schierle and Alexei Miller, 194-258. 2012: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2012.
Hall, K., Paul Josephson, Yuri Ranyuk, and Yuri Tsekhmistro. "Science and the periphery under Stalin: Physics in Ukraine." In Physics and Politics: Research and Research Support in Twentieth Century Germany in International Perspective, 197. Stuttgart: 226, 2010.
Hall, K.. "The Schooling of Lev Landau: The European Context of Postrevolutionary Soviet Theoretical Physics." In Intelligentsia Science: The Russian Century, 1860-1960. Vol. 23. Osiris 23. University of Chicago Press, 2008.
Gordin, Michael D., and K. Hall. "Introduction: Intelligentsia Science Inside and Outside Russia." In Intelligentsia Science: The Russian Century, 1860-1960, 1-19. Vol. 23. Osiris 23. University of Chicago Press, 2008.
Hall, K.. "'Think less about foundations' : A Short Course on the Course of Theoretical Physics of Landau and Lifshitz." In Pedagogy and the practice of science : historical and contemporary perspectives, 253-286. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2005.
Hall, K.. "Europe and Russia." In The Oxford companion to the history of modern science, 279-282. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.
Book review
Hall, K.. The younger Polanyi In Mary Jo Nye, Michael Polanyi and His Generation (2011). Vol. 54. European Journal of Sociology 54, no. 3., 2013.
Hall, K.. Worshiping names: Russian mathematics and problems of philosophy and psychology in the Silver Age In Loren R. Graham and Jean-Michel Kantor: Naming infinity: A true story of religious mysticism and mathematical creativity (2009). Vol. 21. Metascience 21, no. 2., 2012.
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