Öznel Sosyal Sınıflar ve Ekonomik Eşitsizlikler Hakkındaki Görüşler

TitleÖznel Sosyal Sınıflar ve Ekonomik Eşitsizlikler Hakkındaki Görüşler
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsDuman, A.
Journal titleSosyoekonomi

The tolerance for economic inequalities displays remarkable differences among countries including Turkey. While in some countries the shifts in inequality are accepted more easily, in others the demand for redistributive policies went up rapidly. This study aims to examine the reasons for changing opinions on inequality among people even when there are no transformations in their economic positions. Besides economic, social, institutional and normative indicators the study shows that subjective class status is also explanatory for redistributive preferences. The study also found that in Turkey the share of people identifying themselves with middle class increased over time, which decreased the redistributive preferences in comparison to earlier periods.

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Department of Political Science
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