Explaining Creativity

TitleExplaining Creativity
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsKronfeldner, Maria
EditorsGaut, Berys, and Matthew Kieran
Book TitleRoutledge Handbook on Creativity and Philosophy
Place of PublicationNew York
Publisher linkhttps://www.routledge.com/Creativity-and-Philosophy/Gaut-Kieran/p/book/9781138827684

Creativity has often been declared, especially by philosophers, as the last frontier of science. The assumption is that it will defy explanation forever. I will defend two claims in order to oppose this assumption and to demystify creativity: (1) the perspective that creativity cannot be explained wrongly identifies creativity with what I shall call metaphysical freedom; (2) the Darwinian approach to creativity, a prominent naturalistic account of creativity, fails to give an explanation of creativity, because it confuses conceptual issues with explanation. I will close with some remarks on the status and differences in some explanations available in contemporary cognitive science.

Department of Philosophy
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