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CEU is proud to have over 8,500 alumni working in more than 100 countries around the world. The Alumni Career Report illustrates where our alumni come from and where they go on to live and work after CEU. Because CEU attracts outstanding students and provides excellent education, many of our graduates take on leadership positions within only a few years after graduation. We keep in touch with and provide a wide range of services for our alumni via the Alumni Relations and Careers Services Unit. Click here to find out more about CEU alumni and career services, events and activities in Budapest and worldwide.

Profiles of selected CEU alumni

  • Julia Iwinska holds the position of Director of Strategic Planning under the Office of the Provost. In this capacity she works on development, coordination and implementation of the university strategy (currently implementation of the CEU Strategic Development Plan 2012-2017) as well as on other university-wide strategic initiatives. She supports the work of the CEU Senate Committee on Strategic Development chaired by the Rector.
    In addition, Julia works in the capacity of a higher education researcher within the Higher Education Observatory initiative at CEU.

  • PhD degree awarded

    Provisional dissertation title: Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy

    Research interests
    Comparative history of Greek and Indian philosophies
    Historical and intellectual interaction between Greeks and Indians
    Indian Ocean trade in Late Antiquity

    Master of Arts, Ancient Greek language and literature (ELTE, Budapest)
    Master of Arts, Indology (ELTE, Budapest)
    Master of Arts, Latin Language and Literature (ELTE, Budapest)

    "Plutarch on friendship. Study and Hungarian translation of Plutarch's De amicorum multitudine." Antik Tanulmányok / Studia Antiqua 2015 Dec Vol 60 (forthcoming)

  • Phd degree awarded
  • PhD degree awarded
  • PhD degree awarded

    Teodora Artimon graduated from the Western University of Timisoara, Romania, where she received a diploma in Communication. She went on to study at Central European University in Budapest, where she received an MA in Medieval Studies. She is currently working on her PhD at the same department of Medieval Studies where she is dealing with image creation and political communication in the 15th and 16th centuries.

  • PhD student, Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Imperfections in Democracies

    Vera has completed her MA degree at CEU department of IRES and her BA degree at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, faculty of International Economic Relations. Her interests are in the political aspects of international money, common currency areas and economic history especially the relations between Germany and South-Eastern Europe after the Great Depression. She has one publication based on her MA thesis entitled "Money and Power in Bilateral Relations. The case of Germany and Bulgaria in the Inter-war Period" published in August 2008 by VDM Verlag. Vera is a member of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG) at CEU.

  • Head of the Nature Conservation Department at the Public Institution Galichitsa National Park, Ohrid, Macedonia

    Oliver Avramoski received an MSc in Ecology and Taxonomy at the University of St Cyril and Methodius, Skopje in 1999. He then worked as a freelance expert in participatory watershed management in the transboundary basin of Ohrid and Prespa Lakes (Macedonia, Albania and Greece). In 2002 Oliver received an MSc degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU. In the following period he was involved in participatory conservation management in Macedonian national parks while pursuing his doctoral research on the integration of the concept of place into the theory and practice of ecosystem management. In December 2011 he received a PhD degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU.

  • Peter graduated in 2004, the title of his dissertation was:
    Freedom of the Media in Hungary, 1990–2002
    (supervisor: Miklos Sukosd)

    Currently lives in Oxford, United Kingdom and works at the Department of Politics and International Relations as a Senior Research Fellow with "Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe", a European Research Council project (October 2009-September 2013)

    Grants, awards, other major achievements:
    Hungarian Pulitzer Memorial Award (2002) for the monograph "Magyarországi médiaháboru" [Hungary's Media War", 2001]

    Recent publications:

    P. Bajomi-Lazar, “From Political Propaganda to Political Marketing. Changing Media Politics in Central and Eastern Europe,” in Fighting Windmills. A Retrospective on 20 Years of Media Transformation in the Post-Communist World, ed. P. Gross and K. Jakubowicz (New York: Peter Lang, in print).

    P. Bajomi-Lazar, V. Stetka and M. Sukosd, “Public Service Television in the European Union Countries: Old Issues, New Challenges in the ‘East’ and the ‘West’,” in Trends in Communication Policy Research. New Theories, Methods and Subjects, ed. M. Puppis and N. Just, 355–380 (Bristol, UK & Chicago, US: Intellect Books).

    P. Bajomi-Lazar, “Audience Resistance: Reasons to Relax Content Regulation,” in Media Freedom and Pluralism. Media Policy Challenges in the Enlarged Europe, ed. Beata Klimkiewicz, 175–192 (Budapest & New York: Central European University Press).

    P. Bajomi-Lazar, “The Hungarian Journalism Education Landscape,” in European Journalism Education, ed. G. Terzis, 421–432 (Bristol, UK & Chicago, US: Intellect Books, 2009).

    P. Bajomi-Lazar, “The consolidation of media freedom in post-communist countries,” in Finding the Right Place on the Map. Central and Eastern European Media Change in a Global Perspective, ed. K Jakubowicz & M. Sükösd, 73–84 (The University of Chicago Press, 2008).
    P. Bajomi-Lazar & M. Sükösd, “Media Policies and Media Politics in East Central Europe: Issues and Trends 1989-2008”, in Communications and Cultural Policies in Europe, ed. I. F. Alonso & M. de Moragas, Miquel, 249-269 (Barcelona: Municipality of Catalunya, 2008).

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